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Eligibility Criteria

Early Childhood Special Education

Eligibility for the Early Childhood Special Education program is determined through an evaluation conducted by a multidisciplinary team, of which the parent is a member.  A child is eligible for services when:

*  A child's development is significantly below that of his/her peers.  Significantly below is defined as performance at/or below 1.5 standard deviations of the mean in any TWO developmental areas listed below, 
At or below 2.0 standard deviations in any ONE area of development.

Areas of development that can be used for eligibility determination include:
*  Cognitive
*  Adaptive Behavior
*  Communication
*  Physical
*  Social/Emotional

Peer Model

The DIAL-4 Screening results are used for criteria in placing peer model students.  Due to Language and Concepts subtests assessing pre-academic skills, these subtests are used as placement criteria.  Placement is based on percentile ranges.

Class options for peer model students are as follows:

A. M. Session (7:50-11:00)

P. M. Session (12:15-3:25)