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Where Little Tigers Learn to Roar

Where Little Tigers Learn to Roar

Valentines Fun

Valentines Fun

Our Students

Themes for February 19-2


Book Focus: The Three Little Pigs



Target Letter: Letter Hh

Handwriting Without Tears: R & K



straw wood brick basement blew
first second third bought carried
ran hiding moved sewing painted
counted old new middle next to down
in beside under through  


Character Word


The Carthage Early Childhood Center uses the Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum published by SoprisWest. 

Character Building

Character Kindness lesson with Ms. Kim.  We read How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? by Jane Yoland and talked about how to be a friend.  Have your child sing, "If you want to be a friend, clap your hands". 

October 019.JPG

Student Pledge

I am smart.

My teachers believe in me.

I believe in myself.

I will learn.

I will be ready for kindergarten!


Transportation Bus Visit

Transportation Bus Visit

Veterans' Day Mat Man

Veterans' Day



Therapy Fun

Therapy Fun